Green Light Black Futures

What is Green Light Black Futures?

Green Light Black Futures is a campaign to end the hyper-surveillance of Project Green Light. The Project Green Light program, run by the City of Detroit and the Detroit Police Department, has not been transparent about what information is collected, how it is used, and who it is shared with. This information is not being shared with the communities being monitored. The city is spending $8.9 million to surveil and criminalize Black people and poor people across the city. This program forces business owners to spend thousands of dollars to have police protect their property - paying for protection and safety that should not have to be an extra expense. When Black communities are surveilled in an effort to “deter crime,” what actually happens is over-policing of our people and the criminalization of everyday, normal behaviors.

Black people deserve safety without being watched because of an assumption of “suspicious activity.” Black people should not have to live in fear of the police and their escalated response to “crime.” Public funds and resources should be invested in community needs like: after school programs, keeping people in their homes, access to clean water, jobs and education - not into surveillance projects that don’t actually keep us safe. It is up to us to create resources and programs in our communities that allow us to feel supported without the need for police intervention. We are demanding that the city be transparent with the information they are collecting and how it is being used. We are calling for a full divestment from this program in order to spend millions of dollars of city funds on things that our communities actually need. 

Get Involved!

  • 09/29 - Project Green Light 101: Surveillance in the City community conversation
  • 09/30 - Green Light Black Futures press release
  • If you are a resident of Detroit - Call your board of police commissioner
  • If you are not a resident of Detroit - Call Detroit City Council

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